White Fillings

Following cavity filling, a smooth smile can be achieved thanks to white fillings, which look more natural than metal fillings. They are created using a blend of acrylic resin and glass powder designed to resemble the colour and texture of real teeth. Using the most recent bonding technology, we can strengthen existing teeth and return them to their pre-damaged state. White fillings have the advantage of being minimally invasive because they build on the tooth's natural architecture and only remove the severely decaying area. In some instances, decayed regions can be removed by air abrasion without pain or drilling, making this the perfect pre-filling preparation.

Can I get white fillings to replace all of my amalgam fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings typically only need to be replaced after they have reached the end of their natural lifespan. Your dentist will examine the state of any fillings and, if necessary, recommend replacement, tooth-coloured fillings.

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Are white fillings safe?

White fillings are non-toxic, they don't contain mercury like silver amalgam fillings do. Our highly skilled dental specialists carefully monitor and carry out these processes, and we utilise a blue light to set a white filling. They perform admirably within established safety parameters.

White fillings' lifespan is how long?

Modern low-shrinkage, long-lasting composite white fillings typically last five years or more. The longevity of the filling can be impacted by its location, the force of your bite, and whether you grind your teeth.


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