Invisalign Process

How does Invisalign® work?

Using a series of clear, replaceable aligners, Invisalign® softly moves your teeth into the ideal position. It is a slow procedure that frequently requires>
You will receive 18 months of complimentary aftercare following the completion of your Invisalign® treatment with Smile Hub Dental Clinic, giving you additional piece of>
You might need to keep wearing your Invisalign® aligner after your scheduled treatment to ensure that your teeth stay where we want them to be. When you visit for your consultation, we will provide you advice and address any queries you may>
Our detailed Invisalign® process explanation

1. The first consultation

To evaluate your current smile and see if Invisalign is a good fit for you. We will demonstrate how the Invisalign system operates, offer advise regarding the anticipated length of treatment, provide an estimate of treatment expenses, and discuss the various monthly payment options.

2. The appointment for Invisalign records will include:

- A computerised 3D scan called iTero that produces a 3D representation of your teethbr>
- Digital before-and-after picturesbr>
- A 360-degree x-raybr>
- Personalized treatment programme with a cost breakdownbr>

3. Clincheck for Invisalign

Evaluation of the Invisalign 3-D Clincheck film demonstrating anticipated tooth movement from the beginning to a potential final outcome and anticipated treatment time.

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4. Fit With Invisalign

Fit first set of aligners and instructions for use and care given.

5. IPR for Invisalign Attachments

To aid in tooth motions, we might need to attach some tiny, white pressure points to your teeth, which we will take out at the end of the procedure. We might also need to perform some modest inter-proximal re-contouring or slenderizing in some Invisalign situations to make room for tooth movement.

6. Review appointments for Invisalign

To track your progress and give you new aligners and attachments as needed, you will need to visit us once every four to six weeks.

7. Retainers for Vivera

To maintain your beautiful new smile, 3 sets of Vivera retainers are included in the price of your Invisalign procedure.

8. Fit Vivera Retainer

We take "after" pictures to show you how much your smile has improved. The "My Invisalign Smile" app lets you keep tabs on your advancement during Invisalign treatment.


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