Lines & Wrinkles

Treatment for Wrinkles and Lines in Dublin

A genuine, younger appearance

- With a non-surgical Botox® treatment, replenish your skin.

- With a tiny amount, a refined protein called Botox® can be injected painlessly into the face muscles.

- This promotes skin renewal and muscular relaxation to give you a naturally younger appearance.

- Using Botox® to reduce wrinkles is quick and easy with no downtime.

You will need a top-up following this treatment, which lasts for a few months. When you have treatment from us, we may work with you to create a facial aesthetics plan that will cover all of your cosmetic requirements for an entire year with flexible payment choices.

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Lines & Wrinkles

In order to decrease wrinkles and excessive sweating in the following areas, Face Hub Dental Clinic uses Botox®.

- Frown creases

- Smiles with Crows Feet

- Chin softening Facial slimming

- Clenching and headaches

- Hyperhidrosis


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