Hygiene Therapy

As a family-focused private dentist, we understand how crucial it is to develop good oral, dental, and gum care habits from a young age. Our specialists can assist with this no matter what stage of life you're in.
In order to maintain good oral health, dental exams, hygiene treatments, and a consistent at-home dental routine are a must. Our staff can assist with brushing tips and recommendations for products, but they can also thoroughly clean your mouth, teeth, and gums and even spot dental issues before they become serious, reducing the need for later, more involved treatment.

Your Path to Dental Hygiene

1. Consultation

An extensive consultation is the first stage in any treatment process with us at our Wimpole Street dental office since it enables us to evaluate your smile, provides us the chance to review your dental history, and ensures that you can discuss your treatment in advance - with no obligations.

2. Treatment

A scale and polish will be one of the primary components of your treatment. This procedure keeps your smile radiant, breath fresh, and teeth healthy. Calculus (hard regions of plaque) and stains that brushing alone is unable to remove can be removed with this expert clean. This in turn can aid in avoiding issues like inflammation, gum disease, and calculus below the gum line, which can loosen teeth. Finally, it's an opportunity to look for indications of other oral health issues, such as oral cancer, infections, decay, and bone loss.

3. Aftercare

The therapy, in our opinion, doesn't end when you leave our dental office because our Marylebone dentists are dedicated to dental perfection. Our dental professionals will provide advice on how to maintain a healthy smile as well as warning signals that issues may be developing.

We strive to make treatments as comfortable as possible at our Marylebone dental office, and for some operations, we may be able to use an anaesthetic.

Depending on your oral health, a yearly appointment is usually all that's required to maintain your mouth, teeth, and gums. An appointment typically lasts for 45 minutes.

Our dentists understand how challenging it can be for anxious patients to practise excellent dental hygiene. As going to the dentist can be frightening, we provide professional care for people who have dental anxiety, including conscious sedation techniques.

With the right treatment, exceptional oral health is easily attainable, as our Wimpole Street dentists are aware. Here are some simple things you may do at home to improve your dental hygiene:

Brush and floss together

Make sure you brush twice a day for two minutes each.

Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, such swelling or bleeding, as these symptoms may point to an issue like gum disease or an infection.

When you visit our dentists for hygiene therapy for the first time, we'll perform a thorough examination of both your dental and general health, develop a personalised treatment plan for you, and give your mouth, teeth, and gums a thorough cleaning. Our experts can offer guidance on anything from food to effective smoking cessation methods.


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