Dental Implants

We'll make you smile once more.

Nothing drains our confidence quite like a fading smile. As teeth become dislodged and gaps form, we may feel insecure and unable to face the day.

And making things right can feel like an impossible task. Dental implants are therefore one of our most life-altering therapies. They use body-safe titanium or zirconia implants to build a permanent link with the jaw and serve as permanent new tooth roots.

The result is a spectacular and total makeover of the grin, resulting in a fresh new smile that is even greater than the original.

Why We Choose Dental Implants

We prefer to view implants as more than simply a dental therapy. Implants can initiate a substantial improvement in day-to-day wellness by restoring the ability to eat one's favourite meals and smile with assurance.

For denture users, implants signify the end of the daily struggle with nasty denture adhesive and the end of concerns about dentures slipping out unexpectedly. In addition, dental implants have unanticipated anti-aging and health benefits. They bond with the jaw, preventing bone loss and degeneration. Not only is this good news for long-term health, but it also reverses the sallow and sunken aspect of the face caused by tooth loss.

Smile Hub Dental Clinic has the most qualified implantologist with years of experience in restoring difficult smiles.

One of only a handful of dentists that offer zirconia implants — a metal-free, hypoallergenic alternative to titanium that is strong and long-lasting.

Provides same-day and All-on-Four implants, as well as zygomatic implants, bone grafting, and augmentation, in collaboration with a team of expert restorative dentists.

If you believe that your jawbone cannot sustain conventional implants, you may be pleasantly surprised by the options available at Smile Hub Dental Clinic.

State Of The Art Facilities

Same Day All-On-4 Teeth

What a distinction a day makes! With All-on-4 implants and Same Day Teeth, you can now receive a total smile makeover in less than twenty-four hours. Because to the decreased recuperation period, you can visit the clinic in the morning and depart with a new smile before noon.

Implant Retained False Teeth

Implant-retained dentures are a significant advance over the standard dentures you have likely seen in the past. They remain securely attached to a titanium implant in the jawbone until you remove them, so you may finally toss the denture adhesive.

Implants for the Zygoma

Have you been informed that your jawbone is insufficient to support implants? Smile Hub Dental Clinic's zygomatic implants could be the ray of hope you've been waiting for. For a stable and long-lasting fit, zygomatic implants reach well into the cheekbones.

Bone Grafting and Enhancement

By grafting and augmenting deficient jawbone, our professional implantology team can provide it the necessary robustness to support implants. This could be the answer if you've been told you cannot have implants.


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