Porcelain Crowns

Despite your best efforts, teeth sometimes fracture and break due to accidents or sports injuries. Our sturdy and long-lasting porcelain crowns can help reinforce the tooth in these instances while restoring its function and aesthetics.

Our skilled dentists are aware that when it comes to receiving treatment, patients almost universally pick a discrete choice. We can assist restore the damaged tooth while achieving a natural-looking end result that people won't recognise as a dental repair using porcelain crowns deftly matched to your smile.

Your Journey with Porcelain Crowns

1. Dental crown consultation

A thorough consultation will always precede your crown treatment with our dentist. We can review your dental history, evaluate your smile, and talk about your treatment options during consultations—all with no obligation.

2. Treatment

For porcelain crowns to fit perfectly and produce a smooth smile, the tooth must be gently prepared (filed) on both sides. An anaesthetic is available at our Marylebone dentist office to aid with any discomfort that may arise during the procedure. The crown, which is precisely formed to fit your tooth, is attached to with the help of the bonding substance. A temporary crown might be required in some circumstances, which we can discuss with you at the appropriate time.

3. Maintenance

Since we at our dentist office are dedicated to providing dental perfection, in our eyes the treatment doesn't finish when we put down our instruments. With crowns, you should be able to continue eating as you normally would, though you might need to forego hard, chewy foods at initially. Crowns will eventually need to be replaced, but because they are made of sturdy porcelain, they last a long time.

You shouldn't experience any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure because we provide anaesthesia.

Patients adore porcelain crowns for their aesthetic of natural appearance. They can restore biting and chewing function and are also long-lasting.

Some patients might need to change their eating regimen or behaviours (such chewing on pen caps or crushing ice), which could harm their crowns. Additionally, even though porcelain crowns are durable, they eventually need to be replaced.

This can impair the structure of the tooth because pretreatment of the tooth is required. Additionally, there may be a slightly increased risk of future decay or injury to the tooth's pulp in teeth that have had crowns.

Although durable, your porcelain crowns may crack or chip over time due to wear and tear. Visits to the dentist on a regular basis guarantee that you stay on top of your care and are aware of when it's time for a replacement filling.

A dental implant may be advised if the tooth cannot be preserved. These are sturdy, realistic fake teeth that are inserted into the jawbone.


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