How Wisdom Teeth are Removed

Because each situation is unique and wisdom teeth are impacted differently depending on their position in the jaws, wisdom teeth are removed in a variety of ways.

Simple instances can be performed with only local anaesthesia (injection in the gum).

Patients who are extremely worried about the treatment are given intravenous sedation (an injection in the arm or hand to relax you and lessen anxiety) and local anaesthesia (an injection in the gum to numb the area). These patients will have no recollection of the surgery.

Some people would require general anaesthesia (being entirely unconscious in a hospital) because they are too scared to undergo wisdom tooth surgery under local anaesthesia.

Your surgeon will consult with you to determine which procedure is best for you. The degree of difficulty of the procedure, any underlying medical issues, and other personal variables will all be considered when determining the best method for you.

As with other teeth, the operation might be as easy as extraction. A surgical extraction may be performed by making an incision (approximately 1 cm cut) in the gum close to the tooth. To remove the wisdom teeth, a tiny portion of jaw bone is sometimes removed.

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