Straightening of the teeth and invisible braces

Our mission at Smile Hub Dental Clinic is to provide each patient with the smile of their dreams. We provide customised orthodontic treatment, tailored to each patient, for misaligned teeth. Because they correct teeth without requiring 'Ugly Betty'-style braces, invisible braces like the Invisible clear aligners have gained a lot of popularity.

The following can be treated by orthodontics.

Uneven teeth.

Teeth that are spaced apart.

crowding of the teeth.

a crooked bite.


Innovative aligners made just for you are called Invisalign braces. They will straighten your teeth more predictably than "traditional" braces and are clear, discrete, and pleasant. Invisalign braces are moulded around your teeth to guarantee that they are aligned in a way that will realign each tooth in the appropriate direction and with the right pressure by using cutting-edge technology to scan your teeth and map how they can be straightened.

This most recent design has several advantages, including:


really thin

does not obstruct speech

best for minor crowding of the anterior teeth alignment

Treatment plan for straightening the teeth

Treatment for teeth straightening using Micro Dental clear aligners is rather straightforward. Your teeth will be gently and progressively moved into alignment and straighter position using a series of aligners. In straightforward circumstances, you might just require two or three aligners to produce the desired outcome.

Straightening of teeth and invisible braces

We'll make sure you understand the expenses associated with treatment, what will happen during the procedure, and whether any additional maintenance is required afterward during your initial appointment at our facility.

Dental veneers and implants

The placement of dental implants or veneers is another option for straightening teeth. This is a choice for people who prefer not to wear an aligner or who would want more quick effects. We can help you decide on the best dental care.


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