An orthopantomogram provides a panoramic image of your entire lower face. When wisdom teeth need to be removed or before orthodontic or dental implants, this X-ray scan is frequently done.

An orthopantomogram is what?

An example of an X-ray is an orthopantomogram. A scanner creates a detailed, panoramic image of the entire mouth and jaw through brief radiation bursts.

Why is an orthopantomogram necessary?

The dentist can use orthopantomography to see all of your teeth, including some that are still buried beneath the gums, in their exact positions. An orthopantomogram can also show hidden problems such gum disease, bone infections, fractures, cysts, and impacted wisdom teeth. It also gives the dentist a complete view of your general oral health. When starting a treatment plan, especially one including the removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, or teeth straightening, we may decide to conduct this type of scan.

What steps are involved?

You will be invited to stand in front of a specialised orthopantomogram X-ray scanner to have your mouth scanned. You will next be instructed to bite down on a peg while clamps are placed above and below your face by the radiographer or dentist. You shouldn't be concerned; the clamps merely provide slight pressure to hold your head in place. Once the equipment is running, the dentist will instruct you to grip onto two handles so that you can't move.

To acquire the highest image quality, you must maintain the greatest amount of stillness as the machine revolves around your head. Additionally, you could be told to tilt your head back for a different perspective.

It normally takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete the X-ray.

How safe is an orthopantomogram?

An orthopantomogram exposes you to less radiation than you would typically receive from day-to-day activities. Your mouth is the only part of your body that is exposed to the narrow X-ray beam, leaving the rest of your head and body unharmed.


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